Minecraft Video Clip – Minecraft: Dating Simulator 2014 – City of Love Part 1

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Next Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAKeaeUMmcE City of Love playlist ▻ http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSUHnOQiYNg2sk1DgZXyR_uqru9Q3OVxe T-s…
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25 Responses to “Minecraft Video Clip – Minecraft: Dating Simulator 2014 – City of Love Part 1”

  1. Amelia Pond

    “I’ll find my true love,”
    but…..but Jordan. I…..I just….

    That’s ME

  2. (Rhyme)

    NO Paris is the city of lights…
    though ‘Phineas and Ferb: summer belongs to you’ called it the city of love

  3. Jigarbov

    Thanks for playing our map! It’s an oldey but a goody. I still have people
    ask me for a City of Love 2… But that would take a looot of work. Who
    knows what will happen. I’m interested in seeing who you end up with :) 

  4. MissFirenze1

    Guys going on about Aurelian isn’t going to make him date her, like others
    have already said, she’s already married, why would you ask a grown woman
    to cheat on her husband because your think Aurelian and Captain would be
    good together?

  5. Fluffy

    1:31 Was I the only one annoyed that the person used the word “joint”
    wrong? .-. It’s supposed to be “joined”, but that’s probably my O.C.D. :3

  6. KittayPVP I Packs And More!!

    369 fangirls got mad at the title of this video thinking he will get a
    girlfriend then unsubscribed.

  7. TrexinFifteen Plays

    Hey guys I know you hate these comments but I am a small channel I
    soemtimes play with my friend on minecraft and I do other games like
    Starbound WoW
    and terraria! I would really apreciate if you checked my channel out.
    Please no hater comments


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